Why Branded Merchandise is Effective

  • Aug 2, 2017

by Maria Viera

I have often asked marketing managers and marketing teams what criteria they use to distribute their marketing budget; how much do you spend on promotional products versus printed ads versus television commercials? I then ask what seems to get consumers most excited.

Although the distribution of budget differs on a case by case basis, promotional products are consistently ranked as the most effective advertising medium. I wonder to myself, why?

Recently, I read that promotional products are the only advertising medium that engage all five senses. So, it struck me – that is the key to their success. Promotional products force consumers to engage with your brand every time they to choose to use the product.  Every time someone drinks out of a tumbler with your brand on it, they’ll think of you. Suddenly, the sweet taste of the coffee creamer, the rich smell of the coffee, the smooth feel of the tumbler, and the bright color of the lid are all associated with your brand.


Think back to the last television ad you watched. What company was it for? How much of it do you remember? Did you actually do business with the company? Now look for any promotional products you have. How many do you have? Do you use them? Which of those companies have you done business with? Odds are, you have done business with more companies whose brands appear on your promotional products than those whose television commercials you can recall.

Promotional merchandise is effective because it speaks for itself – the quality of the product, its usefulness, and its style are all a representation of the brand it promotes. The moment the consumer picks up the product, he or she sees your logo and connects that product with your company. So, the next time you are considering the distribution of your marketing efforts or budget, remember the power of branded merchandise.




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