The Effectiveness of Promotional Items

  • Mar 10, 2021

When is the last time you received a fun gift with a company logo on it? Most consumers can recall receiving some awesome free branded swag in the past two years, making it one of the best marketing strategies out there. Fun branded merchandise, gifts, and swag, are customized items used to promote brand awareness or an upcoming event.  These promotional items are a great way to bring awareness to your company, improve overall sales, and customer satisfaction. 



Custom swag has been a tactic used by marketing departments for decades. Products like tote bags, cups, pens, and shirts can be customized to display logos, your company name, and even your contact information. The power of these items is the ability to spread company awareness. Branded swag also makes great  gifts or incentives for employees in the workplace.



While you can put a company logo on almost anything, some of the  most effective custom branded items are those designed for regular consumer use (pens, water bottles, hand sanitizers, etc.). Creating and giving away promotional products that will actually be used can help to improve business returns as well as increase  response rates. Marketing swag provides a better return on investment (ROI) than nearly any other type of marketing. It has been researched and proven that when companies invest in essential swag items, they will see a considerable ROI.



A study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that:


  • 94%of consumers could recall receiving a promotional item within the past two years

  • 83%of consumers reported they liked receiving promotional items

  • 69% of consumers keep the promotional items

  • 48% wish they received promotional items more often


The study also found consumers were more likely to make a purchase after receiving these fun free marketing gifts in comparison to other types of marketing.


In another study, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) pointed out the most commonly used and remembered promotional items were writing instruments, with over 54% of consumers using them. This stat is followed closely by bags, hats and shirts. Researchers also found consumers and potential customers appreciate receiving free gifts. Who doesn’t love a good freebie?


How to choose the hottest on-trend products:


Giving away free swag is a great way to bring brand awareness and a cost-effective way for companies to engage with their current consumers and clients. Choosing the right on-trend gifts is crucial. Companies should  choose promo items that are trending, valuable to the consumer, and relate to their industry. So when it’s time to pick the branded swag for your brand, consider gifts your consumers can continue to use as they think about the services and products your company provides.


Not sure what is “on-trend”? Companies like Marked Promotions have unique insight into the market today and can help you pick the perfect swag that will help you stand out. When you invest in trending company gifts, your customer will use them more often which gives  you a leg up over your competitors. 


Another interesting point the ASI study states is consumers are more likely to keep promotional items if they are high quality, useful, and attractive. Consumers want a quality item that works, not something that will easily break.


Choosing Promotional Products:


Here are some great tips and tricks to follow when you’re ready to choose some great swag for your brand. 



  • Choose colors that are eye-catching and match your brand

  • Include your logo or tagline

  • Include your company website or address

  • Consider high performing products such as writing instruments, bags, drinkware, or t-shirts



  • Choose cheap or low-quality items that will break or stop working, this will reflect poorly on your brand

  • Use single use items consumers won’t use more than once

  • Choose custom branded swag that is outdated and may be stored in a junk drawer or easily thrown out


Did you know the hottest on-trend products today include health & wellness gear, pens, and eco-friendly products? Other in-demand custom swag include pocket hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and no-touch keychains.


Great products with your company logo are an effective, creative way to advertise your company and build relationships with memorable and long-lasting items. Company branded gifts will continue to be one of the most cost effective and creative ways for your business  to stand out and attract new customers.


Ready to brand some awesome swag? Contact Marked Promotions and our product experts will be happy to help you choose the best promotional products for any budget. Call us today 866-792-4724. 


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