Keeping Up with Millennial Trends

  • Nov 14, 2018

by Morgan Hull

For all promotional products, it’s important to find products that can add value and can be useful to the consumer – products that leave a mark.  In addition to this, it is also important to remember that promotional products aren’t exempt from keeping up with everything else that’s happening in the world.  Promotional products need to be relevant with today’s culture.  In order to do this, we can take a look at millennial trends and what connections those trends are having with products. 


Millennials aren’t just driving change in clothing and technology, but also in the promotional products industry.  Some trends the industry has seen in 2018 include:

§  Bright and saturated colors

§  Metallics

§  Patterns

§  Fun and playful, even quirky 

§  Photorealism

§  Product safety


Some classic promotional products are also making a comeback, after tapering off for a few years and getting refreshed.  Some traditional products seeing growth are:

§  Backpacks

§  Duffels

§  Folios


Backpacks are gaining huge recognition in the industry, as they have seen a rapid adoption in the workplace, especially for men.  Before men would carry briefcases but are now wanting a more convenient and comfortable option.  Backpacks are now being used by a wider range of professionals because they have become more upscale, made with leather or various fabrics. 


Traditionally, the promotional products industry hasn’t been known for moving too quickly to follow new world trends.  However, more suppliers and companies have started adapting to quicker change to keep up with the millennial consumer.  If companies don’t move in that direction, then they are missing out on an all-important target audience and consumer. 






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