How To Stay True to Your Brand

  • Aug 9, 2017

by Maria Viera

With the rise of online businesses, social media, and mobile marketing, competition in the twenty-first century has become incredibly fierce. Sometimes, that means sacrificing brand values and stories for the sake of staying in front of customers or up to date with trends. However, it is possible to use social media and other current trends to get your brand recognized without sacrificing core values. Here, we’ve put together 3 steps to follow to stay true to your brand.


1) Know Your Story

Understanding your company’s story – where it comes from, how and why it was founded, what its mission and purpose are, and who it is targeting – will help to create a solid foundation for your brand. Then, you can identify what values best represent your company. Once that is clear, customers with similar values will reach out to you, and you will reach out to those customers. When you are ready to start a marketing campaign, make a post on Instagram, or choose a promotional product, make sure that your story and your values are well represented by your choices.


2) Remain Engaged

Great, you’ve found customers who share your values and want work with you! Now, it’s time to deliver your promises and show customers that you practice those values that you claim to stand for. Engaging with customers can mean responding to reviews posted on Facebook about your company, reaching out to dissatisfied customers, or sending a thank you gift to those regular or generous clients. Whatever way you choose to stay engaged, always keep in mind that what you are doing should align with your company’s philosophy.


3) Be Innovative yet Consistent

Because competition is on the rise, it is very important for companies to stay up to date and foster innovation. If there is a solid foundation and understanding of the values and the customer base of the company, then innovation can help push the brand forward. It is important, however, to keep consistent in your efforts. Allow customers transition time when making big changes in order to avoid confusion and always remain open to feedback.


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