Employee Onboarding Kits and How to Make Employees Feel Welcome

  • Jun 24, 2019

By Morgan Hull


When starting a new job, first impressions of a company are crucial.  Let’s consider how nerve wracking the first day of a new job feels. Yeah, maybe you’re excited you were hired for the job in the first place, but you’re still the “new kid.”  Where’s the closest bathroom? Who do I eat lunch with? Wait, should I just eat lunch in my car and avoid any social interaction? Am I really going to get that raise in the first three months? So many questions.  But companies have the advantage of making the first day much easier on their new employees by providing employee onboarding kits to make the new hire feel more at ease and at home.


What are Employee Onboarding Kits?

Employee onboarding kits are also known as “welcome kits” because they show new hires that they are now part of the team.  These kits should portray who you are as a company and should be useful and informative, but also fun and personal. Below is a list of products we have found that work well in a welcome kit. 


Make it Useful and Informative:

- Employee Handbook

- Map of the Office/Building

- Brand Guide

- Information on Benefits

- Any Office Accessories (related to specific job responsibilities)

- Name Tag and/or Name Plate

- Key to Office/Building


Make it Fun:

- Company Shirt

- Water Bottle

- Coffee Mug 

- Candies

- Lunch Bag

- Chapstick

- Hand Sanitizer


Make it Personal:

- Monogrammed Hat/Bag

- Monogrammed Planner/Calendar/Journal

- Pen 

- New Business Cards

- Welcome Letter from the Team



Why are Employee Onboarding Kits Worth the Investment?

Employees are your best investment to your company.  Without your employees, your business wouldn’t be running.  Employees who feel welcomed and appreciated will always do more than what’s expected, and they will ultimately want to stick around longer.  This motivation starts with the company and how employees are treated from the very first day they’re on the job.  


Employee onboarding kits are a great investment because right from the start they tell your employees that you value them.  They communicate that you want to make their first day as comfortable as possible, helping them transition to their new role much smoother.


If your company doesn’t value its employees from start to finish, what value will your employees hold in your company?  Simon Sinek, author, motivational speaker, and organizational consultant says, “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” 


How to Get Started Making a Kit

These kits don’t have to be over-the-top, nor do they have to be expensive.  You could start with a very small kit including a t-shirt, employee handbook, and a coffee mug filled with candies.  Whether you start with a basic kit or choose to go a bit more extravagant, you’re telling your employees that they matter and that you trust them to make a positive impact on your company.  Employee onboarding kits are one the best ways to invest in the future of your employees and the success of your company today.  

If you’re interested in any products or would like some help designing an onboarding kit, please contact us at http://www.markedpromo.com/contact.htm. We'd love to help!

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