Characteristics of Successful Promotional Products in 2017

  • Jul 20, 2017

by Maria Viera

With the abundance of promotional products available nowadays, it can be an arduous task for companies to pick out the right products to represent their brand and appeal to clients. You certainly do not want to be the company who gives out a product that customers throw out when they get home. You want your brand to be on the product that people choose to enjoy every day.

So how do you come about these types of products? We’ve put together a list of 3 characteristics to keep in mind when making your selection and ensure that your brand gets recognized.


What will your customers be able to do with the product? The more use a product provides, the more likely someone is to keep it. Usefulness factors are why mugs, pens, and apparel tend to be such popular hits. Simply put, everyone needs them and everyone likes them. However, that does not mean you should only stick to these items. Think outside the box to shoes, speakers, or desk lamps; these are useful, fun, and different. Consider spending a little more money on your promotional products because, in the longer run, it is an investment for your brand.


Pause for a minute and look around your desk. I guarantee you have found at least two pieces of technology – your computer and your phone. Odds are, there are more – perhaps an iPod, speakers, earbuds, or an Apple watch. Our world is surrounded by technology, and in order to keep up with your customers’ demands, your promotional products should include technology offerings. Put your logo on a phone case, blue tooth earbuds, USB drives, etc. The possibilities are endless. Go one step further and choose the tech upgraded versions of your favorite mugs or sweatshirts. How about a temperature sensing mug? Whatever your product choice, consider adding a tech-infused element.

3)Environmental Friendliness

Once upon a time, being a “green” brand was a surefire way to stand out. Today, it is an expectation. To stay in front of your customers, especially those in the Gen X and Millennial generations, your promotional products must represent an environmentally friendly brand. These can be notebooks made from recycled paper, reusable tote bags and water bottles, or simply items that can be recycled easily. Take care of the planet, and your customers will love you for it.


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